Menstrual Cup

Did you know?

The menstrual cup was ­first invented in 1867. It was in 1937 that American actress Leona Chalmers patented her runner cup for commercial use and since then it has taken almost 155 years for the menstrual cup to gain acceptability among menstruators. More conversations around safety, sustainability and competitive pricing have positioned menstrual cups as the future of period care.

Aamodini India is headed towards making sustainability and home-grown consumption mainstream in India and across the globe. The Aamodini India menstrual cup is manufactured using medical grade silicone with platinum curing method and has passed tests of ISO 10993 for issues pertaining to vaginal irritability, toxicity, skin sensitivity and more.

Aligned to India’s bold vision of being sustainable in the realm of menstrual hygiene and working closely with the state of Kerala in bringing the Aamodini India menstrual cup into rural panchayats, our firm has been relentlessly working towards fulfilling its mission of uplifting and empowering women from diverse strata of society.

Central  to our vision is the need to ensure menstrual cups accessible to women are manufactured in line with the highest levels of quality and to  this end, we have invested months of research to source cups made in India from a CDSCO registered medical devices manufacturing company having ISO 13485 certification.