About Us

Aamodini India is a social- entrepreneurship women lead project which  focuses on setting women from rural  & urban India on the path of financial  empowerment and independence.

“AAMODINI in Sanskrit means “a happy woman ‘and AAMODINI INDIA aims to empower, educate and enable Indian women to become financially and digitally self-reliant. Aamodini India is committed to make a profitable and powerful impact on India’s dynamic business landscape.


Aamodini India nurtures a larger than life vision to pave way for the rise of financially resilient women across rural and urban india


Aamodini India is on a mission to create a wave of ‘Aamodinis’ across India and align with the bold vision of creating a cleaner, digitally empowered, entrepreneur driven and self-reliant India

Under the purview of the Aamodini India project, we will be able to create a playing field for the implementation of the below government headed campaigns.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan campaign

Every individual associated with Aamodini will in turn be a direct contributor to the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan mission.

Digital India

As a digitally designed project, Aamodini India will empower every citizen associated with the project towards a digitally savvy journey at every touch point.

Make in India

Aamodini India’s vision believes in the abundance of unique products that every state, district and village in our country has to offer. When these unique products are made across India, the Make in India project will be implemented through Aamodini India.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat

With the Make in India coming into play and manufacturing taking precedence, the goal of creating Aatmanirbhar Bharat can translate into reality

Founded on values rooted in India, Aamodini is headed towards expanding its global footprint. The project has already  made inroads to Zimbabwe and Namibia and is set to expand across the content in the near future.