Aamodini India Chemba Puttu Podi

138.00 M.R.P

Chemba Puttu Podi/Home Made


Chemba Puttu Podi, meticulously crafted for the preparation of Chemba Puttu, offers a unique and authentic South Indian culinary experience. Our premium podi is specially formulated to bring out the rich flavors and distinct texture that characterize this traditional dish.

Made from high-quality red rice, our Chemba Puttu Podi is finely ground to perfection. This results in a flour blend that, when steamed, produces Chemba Puttu with its characteristic red hue and a delightful, slightly coarse texture. The unique taste of red rice adds a nutty and earthy flavor profile to the dish, creating a wholesome and satisfying culinary experience..

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Weight1000 g


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