Aamodini India Appam Podi

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Appam Podi/Home Made


Appam Podi, an essential component for crafting delectable Appams, is a finely crafted rice flour blend designed to bring the authentic taste of South Indian cuisine to your home.Made from high-quality rice grains, this finely milled flour is the key to achieving the perfect texture and taste in your Appams. The product is meticulously processed to maintain the right balance, resulting in a batter that ferments well and yields soft, lacy Appams that are a treat for your taste buds.

Our Appam Podi is easy to use, making the preparation of these round, fluffy delights a breeze. The product embodies the essence of tradition, allowing you to enjoy the rich heritage of South Indian flavors in every bite.

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Weight1000 g


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