Aamodini India Wheat Puttu Podi

140.00 M.R.P

Wheat Puttu Podi/Home Made


Wheat Puttu Podi, a carefully crafted blend designed for making Wheat Puttu, offers a nutritious and wholesome addition to your culinary repertoire. This premium podi ensures a convenient and authentic preparation process, allowing you to enjoy the rich taste and nutritional benefits of wheat-based South Indian cuisine.

Our Wheat Puttu Podi is made from high-quality wheat grains, finely milled to achieve the ideal texture for creating soft and fluffy Wheat Puttu. This versatile product brings a delightful nuttiness and hearty flavor to the dish, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a wholesome and satisfying meal.
Embrace the goodness of wheat while preserving the authenticity of South Indian flavors with each serving of Wheat Puttu.

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Weight1000 g


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